20. March 2019

Interims-Management Vice President Communications bei
Bombardier Transportation, Berlin

For some 10 months I supported the international enterprise Bombardier Transportation as Vice President Communications involving all communications disciplines, including:
20. March 2019

New master’s degree course “Corporate Communications”

The inter-disciplinary MA program is so conceived that it prepares for demanding management tasks and their associated communications, in particular for change and crisis management.
20. March 2019

New concept: Design Thinking for communications professionals

Design Thinking is more and more a hot topic for companies. But what actually is Design Thinking – a way to induce innovation, a new management […]
20. March 2019

Die Führungsakademie Mittelstand e.V.

Führungsakademie Mittelstand e.V. is an independent private sector training institute, which has set itself the goal of boosting entrepreneurial thinking and actions in all aspects of […]